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Subject: Re: Help..Slutty College..Girls Make..Tuition..
To: BLONDEcuties <>
From: Jonathan Land <>
Date: 08/20/2003


I really object to this notion of slutty college girls, and I'm strongly cautioning you that your false advertising will cause you to end up in hot water. You're putting words (assumedly amongst other things) into to their delicate laugh-line-free mouths.

It's almost mathematically impossible for a college girl to be slutty, so why make the base assumption that they are. Is it to create the stigma that they're supposed to be? Sure you have your "Girls Gone Wild"-types, but these are most likely two to three standard deviations away from the average sexual activity of a woman in her late teens or early twenties.

I have an easy formula to calculate the Slut FactorTM of any human being. This can also be used to determine the Stud FactorTM of a person if you're into marking notches on your belt:

Here's how you calculate your Slut FactorTM. Add the amount of sexual partners you've had to half of the amount of individuals you've heavily petted but not consummated a relationship with. Now divide this number by the number of years between how old you are now and how old you were when you lost your virginity.

So that's:

For example, let's say a 50 year-old man who lost his virginity at the age of 18 has gotten biblical with 100 women and another has been with the same number at the ripe old age of 20 after one year of sexual indoctrination. So the Slut FactorsTM would be calculated as follows:

Man 1: 100/32 = Slut FactorTM of 3.125
Man 2: 100/1 = Slut FactorTM of 100

Therefore, the youngster is a raging whore in comparison to the older gentleman.

The scale ranges from a virgin who's never so much as "freedom kissed" another human or animal (Slut FactorTM 0) to the sluttiest person alive, who by my calculations is Wilt Chamberlain (Slut FactorTM 1250), but Gina Moskowitz of Reno, NV is looking to be a record breaker.

Also one could say that in the same way that a person is judged by the quality of their friends, it's not the quantity of women you sleep with, but the quality. For instance, if you've paid for it, you're definitely more of a slut than if you haven't. Yes, this makes the scale relative, but it's still highly reliable. I'm currently working on the deluxe version of the formula which incorporates certain sexual deviances and other mitigating factors such as whether or not one is a sex surrogate, or if the experience was consentual.

So getting back to your original statement. According to my research from the Howard Stern show, the average college-aged woman has slept with 5-7 people and has "made out" with another 5-10. so taking the lows and highs we get these figures:

Low average = (5+(5/2))/about 5 = Slut FactorTM of 1.5
High average = (7+(10/2))/about 3 = Slut FactorTM of 4

So even highballing a "slutty college girl" we find that the Slut FactorTM isn't all that bad, although you might want to consider throwing a second or even third condom on. I'm in the midst of conducting some research with a large sample of my local community which shows the distribution of promiscuity to be as follows:

Students I've personally slept with have been omitted due to a conflict of interest. So as you can plainly see, one is not a slut until they hit a factor of 10 or so, and most college girls aren't even close to hitting that mark.

I hope I've cleared everything up, and I'd really appreciate it if you'd cease and desist your false advertising immediately.

Dr. Jonathan Land
Professor of Sexual Math
University of Intercourse, PA

The Slut FactorTM and The Stud FactorTM are registered trademarks of Dr. Jonathan Land

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